WANT OR NEED!!!!!!!!

This week I was asked “Do You Want or Need a Man? I replied but I have been thinking about it.

This morning while talking to a friend, I was finally able to answer the question.
In life when you have experienced certain things it opens up your eye’s.

I don’t just want to settle for the sake of having a man. The kind of man I want he wont want me to ever change who I am, he will care and love about me because of who I am not what he wants me to be.
I want a man that will be a role model, teaching my boys how to be a man, I can do some stuff but I can’t do everything, when it comes to the manly things.

A man that encourages me to be a better me,not hold me back because he feels as though I’m going to be more successful than him and he don’t like that.

I don’t want a man that don’t know how to communicate his feelings or opinions in a positive way. I want a man that will be my equal, my strength, my rock, my King.

A man that knows the importance of love and family,a god fearing man so we can both grow in the word together.

It’s nice to have a male around to converse with, have a laugh and a Little cuddle……especially on a day your feeling a down. Someone that is and always will be your best friend.

“You meet a guy and it’s possible that he will be your King. As time passes you get to know each other more, his actions will show how interested he is and vice versa.

Honestly I enjoy stimulating conversations, and I get bored really quick when it’s the usual “Hi how are you, how was your day? “What are you doing now? Then you get to the stages of yeah, ok, lol, smiley face #Yawn! Boring…….

You ask “where do you see yourself 5 years from now? They reply I’m just going with the flow, I can’t see that far or I’ll leave to to time. hhhmmm!

It’s always good to have a goal, have something you would like to achieve. You may not achieve all your goals in the intended time, but it’s something you are working towards.

I want a man that knows where he is going, someone that will conquer the world with me and leave our legacy behind. We will make a great team!!!!!!

Some say I’m picky……they are totally right, I agree. Life experiences makes you look at life with a third eye.



A typical Friday night.

From the day I had my first child 99% of my Fridays was spent like this. At home chilling watching TV, acting silly or eating.

The boys are now fast sleep!  

My sister texted me an hour ago to watch CNN, Lies, Sex and Basketball was on. Unfortunately I tuned in too late and caught the end, when Magic Johnson was talking.  

It’s amazing that he does so much, yet you don’t hear about it. 

I have been Thinking about starting a blog for the longest and I finally decided to get it started. 

In my blogs i will be talking about Motherhood, Relationships, life and the challenges you are faced with etc.

You just never know how ones story or experiences can help another.


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